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Education Services for Schools Autumn 2020

1 November 2020




Education Services for Scottish Schools

We at Alpha Plus Training appreciate you and your staff are making every effort to help your students get back into a normal school routine following the preventative measures taken to tackle COVID 19. 


We can offer two programmes which have been created to directly support your staff and students at this time.


Firstly, Alpha Plus Training’s ‘Refresh Ur Learning’ programme is intended to target those students who require support to getting back into and sustaining a normal school routine.  


This programme consists of two 1hour sessions or one session of 1 hour 45 minutes which allows students to self - evaluate their current knowledge and skills regarding their academic subjects, health and well-being, motivation levels and ability to organise their study routines.  All students receive a summary booklet which will be used to set improvement targets for study and health and wellbeing.


The target setting Refresh Ur Learning’ can be for personal pupil revision or developed in future class lessons by teaching staff.


Secondly, Alpha Plus Training provides support to schools to develop effective Mental Health & Wellbeing policy and practice.    We have successfully delivered Scotland’s Mental Health First Aid Training to staff in a variety of sectors.  We are committed to delivering programmes which provide impact and sustainability.  Custom made programmes relating to your school’s needs can be provided by arrangement.


Call or email us today, for an immediate response, and see how we can tailor our programmes to suit your school’s needs.