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Policy into Practice

She has played a key role in developing Mental Health and Wellbeing policy and practice. This will ultimately lead to the development of a Mental Health Hub and the training of many of our young people as Mental Health First Aiders/Ambassadors.  I believe that this can have a transformational effect on the school community.

Stephen Quinn, June 2018, Deputy Head Teacher

Our establishment has worked with Alpha Plus Training (APT) to develop a strategy for Mental Health and Wellbeing…. APT was very responsive and reflexive to the needs of our school. Careful thought and planning was a key element to their approach. They worked with key members of school staff and built on the good practice already in place.

Further to this APT has worked with school staff to draw together all the strands and aspects of support in the school to form a mental Health and wellbeing policy statement. This included Good Practice visits, surveys of staff, parents/carers and students. The Policy Launch took place in school and many aspects are now underway and evolving with the needs of the school.’

Georgina Urquhart, June 2018
SMHFA Staff Training

Kate's courses are engaging and have been delivered with professionalism and care.  Staff now have a greater awareness of positive mental health and we are putting strategies in place and creating a Health & Wellbeing Hub to deliver this input to the pupils.

Fiona Rennie, May 2018, HWB Coordinator

Training of all our Pupil support workers as Scottish Mental Health First Aiders (SMHFA) was delivered and staff responded positively and felt more able to talk with students and signpost how to get further support. It provided staff with the skills and language to use in times of emotional upset and trauma.

Transactional Analysis training was part of the programme. This supported staff to assess the impact of dialogue and how to diffuse potential challenging situations.

Georgina Urquhart 2018