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Building Effective Working Relationships

"………Traditional manufacturers, salespeople, and retail buyers have had a volume or price focus. They need to be replaced by ‘relationship managers’ with appropriate bedside manners."

Nirmalya Kumar

It is becomingly increasingly evident that relationships at work do matter. Positive relationships result in much a much happier workforce which in turn elicits greater cooperation and work performance.

In this programme you will get the tools you need to build greater positive relationships at work and at home.


To enable participants to:

  • develop skills to establish a positive rapport with others;
  • learn new skills for starting and strengthening work relationships;
  • learn verbal and non-verbal strategies to enable effective listening;
  • develop skills to improve communication;
  • develop skills to establish respect and recognition.

Sample Programme

  • Principles of Positive Work Relationships
    This section establishes a framework for the programme by providing evidence-based criteria for positive work relationships.

  • Language of Personal Relationships
    This highly interactive section explores recent research on personal relationships and will enable participants to understand and develop more positive personal relationships.
  • Language of Work Relationships
    Using Dr. Zimmerman's research into effective working relationships participants will develop an understanding and skills to dramatically improve relationships at work. This section centres on the key elements of effective working relationships which are quite distinct from those we develop essentially for pleasure

    • Respect
    • Belonging
    • Communication
    • Fun
    • Tangibles
  • Post Training Programme
    This section enables participants to embed new learned skills into daily practice.

    "All skills must be practiced before they can be perfected."

    Dr. Zimmerman

Sources of Quotations

Nirmalya Kumar, 1996, 'The Power of Trust in Manufacturer – Retailer Relationships'